4Maddison Nielsen is a 19-year-old journalism student, self-proclaimed patrician, and cinephile. Right now she should be doing homework for a class but instead is working on building her film blog instead, which shows you where her priorities are. She is currently based out of Phoenix, Arizona, but, like an obscene amount of other people in the world, aspires to move to Los Angeles and “make it big…” whatever that means. She will also settle for New York City.  Ideally, she’ll be writing: whether that be reviews or articles concerning things related to film, television, theater, or other forms of media, or perhaps writing for film, television, or theater herself. She’ll go for either. Whichever industry needs her at that particular time, she’ll be there.

This blog is where she will write reviews, rants, essays, and articles based on the things she’s interested in and absolutely nothing more. On occasion there will be guest columns (likely friends of hers who share her interests).

Oh–and if you’re wondering what the title of this blog is referring to, click this link here. Basically it is just an attempt to be ironic, because absolutely nobody else in the film blogging industry does that at all. Maddison is the first person to do that and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

If you want to follow Maddison on twitter, then I urge you to think twice about that. If you still want to, then God save you, and click here.

Enjoy Hanging Lampshades.


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